Income Protection Resource Group is a combination of two established independent wholesale firms who specialize in income protection solutions. We provide advisors with the flexibility to offer solutions that best suit you, your client, and your business. We utilize an array of solutions from a multitude of carriers to best fit your client’s income protection needs. We also offer product support for long-term care insurance, life insurance and critical illness insurance.

We have been offering exceptional products and expertise to the brokerage community for more than 40 years. With a total of more than 200 years of combined industry experience, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, from initial case design and product recommendations, through underwriting and policy placement.

Income Protection Resource Group was created by combining two leading insurance brokerage firms: Berkshire Advisor Resource, Inc., and Wilson Brokerage Services, Inc. Now serving all 50 states, we will provide you with:

    • Expertise on products and case design
    • Fast and reliable illustration preparation
    • Sales and marketing support to help you grow your business
    • Quality products from quality companies
    • New business processing that is thorough and responsive
    • Continuing Education opportunities 

Unique to Income Protection Resource Group is our “Ask An Underwriter” feature.
Our in house underwriting program provides our producers with the ability to get a conditional review of their clients’ potential underwriting offer based on the medical and financial information you provide us. This program also provides our producers with an in-house expert who will work with our carriers to get the best possible outcome for your clients. Obviously, the more detailed information we receive from you, the greater likely hood that our assessment will coincide with the final outcome.

Call us for all your client’s income protection needs at 1-800-530-2360 or send us a message.

For more about the Berkshire and Wilson merger, click here for the press release.