Is protecting income part of your clients’ financial plan?

At Income Protection Resource Group (IPRG), we understand the concept of income protection as part of the financial planning process. Our team of will help model your client’s coverage to best fit the client’s needs, as well as your financial plan. Our team will also assist you in creating a case design which may actually work more efficiently than the typically disability model.

Some of the unique features we use to assist in case design include: 

    • Using multiple elimination or benefit periods to meet the required cash flow plan if disabled, while taking into account the cash available for premium payments.
    • Using the correct benefit period for a client’s needs. i.e. if a client is 54 and is schedule to retire at 62, using a 5 or 10 year benefit period may better solve design needs.
    • Work with plan designated premium amounts to provide the most complete coverage available

At IPRG, our goal is to find the right solution to help you solve your client’s cash flow needs in the event of illness or injury.

For more information or to request help with a specific case please contact 877-248-1107 or email at