If you are looking for individual (portable) income protection products sold to three or more people that offer a discount and the possibility of being offered on a guaranteed issue basis, we can help!

Multi-Life Discounts

Insurers will typically offer a discounted rate to fully underwritten groups of three or more employees who work for the same employer. These employees can be obtaining the coverage voluntarily or the coverage can be provided by the employer through a Qualified Sick Pay Plan.

Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) Income Protection

GSI policies are individual (portable) policies that are sold in a “group” setting and do not require exams, blood work or inspection reports. They also do not exclude pre-existing conditions. Typically, the features and benefits of these policies will be based on the size, incomes, occupations and gender mix of the groups to be insured. Since the coverage is issued on an individual basis rather than on a group plan, employees can keep the coverage even if they were to change employers.

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