From an occupation standpoint, physicians are the most familiar with the need for disability coverage and have even been educated about its importance in medical school and beyond.

Because of their large investment in their career in both funding and time, they know that quality coverage with comprehensive features is important. Physicians want the “specialty” for which they were trained to be covered, and need the ability to obtain more coverage as their incomes grow.

Key features to consider when insuring Physicians:

Own Occupation Definition of Disability

This definition of disability states that the client’s occupation is not only that of a “physician,” but further defines it as their “medical specialty.” There are many variations of the “own occupation” definition of disability on the market today – be sure that you know what your clients are getting (or let us do the research for you)!

Future Purchase/Increase Options

This rider allows clients to increase their disability benefit without having to go through medical underwriting. It guarantees the physician’s insurability while acknowledging that the client will likely have significant increases in income that will need to be protected.

Mental and Nervous Limitations

Some insurers offer full mental and nervous coverage to physicians while others offer limited coverage (24 months). It is important to know what the policy offers and if it is an important feature to your physician client.


Unlike group coverage, individual coverage is important because it allows for a physician to leave a job for another or to become self-employed. Group coverage may be an added benefit for physicians, but by itself, it is not the right solution for your physician clients!

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